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Gary Rogers

Gary Rogers learned he had an inguinal hernia in December 2018. Several months later he attended a hernia screening program to learn about a robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgical procedure for hernia repair.

“At the screening exam, the surgeon told me that I should have surgery right away to repair my hernia,” Gary says. “He said I had the potential to develop a strangulated hernia, a dangerous medical condition where the blood supply gets cut off and requires emergency surgery.”

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Several weeks later, Gary had a hernia repair with the new robot-assisted procedure using the da Vinci Surgery System at Riverwood Healthcare Center. Robotic-assisted surgery allows a higher degree of precision for surgeons with the benefit of less pain and faster recovery for patients.

“My procedure went very smoothly, and recovery was quick with very little pain,” Gary explains. “I didn’t need to take any pain medication after the surgery. After about a week of rest, I gradually resumed my regular activities and outdoor chores.”

Gary and his wife, Gloria, were impressed that the surgery staff took the time to send him a thank-you note for choosing Riverwood for his hernia repair.

Gary adds: “I feel much better now. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”