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Have you ever heard the term “if all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail”? Unfortunately, this is the approach many surgeons take to hernia repair. As the Hernia Specialists of Minnesota we are experts on the latest techniques and technology. Since we have all the options available, we are able to use a shared decision making model working together as surgeon and patient to individualize your repair.


The foundation of our approach as the Hernia Specialists of Minnesota is to offer choice. We do this by using a shared decision making approach with all of our patients. This ensures your thoughts and opinions are taken into consideration when deciding on your care. It seems so simple, but unfortunately this approach is forgotten by many surgeons! For more information please watch the video.


Unfortunately, many surgeons are still forced to offer old-fashioned, open hernia surgery because of lack of expertise and/or technology. This prolongs your recovery. By utilizing the DaVinci Xi surgical robot we are now able to offer the most advanced, minimally invasive hernia repairs possible. This technology allows us to repair more hernias in a minimally invasive fashion than every before. This means you get back to your normal activities faster and have a smoother recovery than with traditional surgery.

The use of mesh reinforcement has been one of the greatest advances to ever occur in hernia surgery. However, we recognize that many patients are concerned over its potential drawbacks. We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of options for hernia reinforcement, including no mesh, absorbable mesh, and traditional permanent mesh. Learn more about hernia repair reinforcementĀ here.


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